It's the March 2nd edition.  And it's in 2 parts.  And just because it's in 2 parts does not mean that it's in any better.  Trust me.  It might be actually just 2 parts of very bad.  Like usual.

Here we go- part 1.

And if you haven't yet decided that this joke is completely God-awful, and you want to torture yourself some more... here is the second part.


At least he thinks they are funny.  The rest of us are not sure.  In fact, we have been telling him that he need to keep going with his day job.  Selling.  Everyone knows Johnny U.  But no one really knew that he was an aspiring comedian.

He's not.  Maybe he wants to be... but that dream isn't going to happen.  Except for every Friday morning, right here on Baxter's Morning Sideshow.

No. Where. Else. No one would hire him.  Making any sort of money at this?  Not happening!!!  And today's joke was kind of risque too!!!

Good luck with that....

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