Johnny U has supposedly been out on tour.  I'm not sure where this so-called tour was happening, but JU said he has been failing. That part is not a surprise.  What might be more surprising is the fact that someone actually booked him on a tour.  What the heck??


Anyway, he came into the studio today to give us his "holiday" jokes.  We knew we would be in for a "treat".  Yeah, not really. And again, as always, telling us that he has some really good ones for his holiday jokes.

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So, here we go. The first one is pretty short.  The second one is a bit in bad taste... don't blame  us.  We didn't write it, and again, he didn't give us any sort of a preview.

See?  Always keep your expectations low when referring to Johnny U and his lame jokes.  We are still keeping the name, because nothing has changed.  Lame Joke Friday will continue.. indefinitely.

Maybe he needs your help.  If you  have some jokes that you would like Johnny U to try out, maybe send him some.  You can do that here.  Maybe your joke will  be read some Friday on the air.  Maybe... But if he does choose to read your joke(s) on the air, that's what you win, an aired joke.  And also, fun disclaimer, if he does read your joke on the air, it doesn't mean it was good. It just means that your taste or sense of humor is just as bad as Johnny U's.  So, there's that.

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