Its the Valentine's Day edition of Lame Joke Friday and the jokes are still just as bad.  Actually they might be a little worse.  He also had 4 jokes today.  3 of them were completely horrible and one was just "not bad".  I mean, when I say not bad I mean we didn't completely groan.  BUT Baxter still have it the ol' 2 flusher.

See what I mean?  The last one was definitely the best one.  So, would you give this performance a thumbs up or a thumbs down?  I guess it may depend on your sense of humor, right?  If you laugh at anything,  you will probably find the first three jokes very funny,.. or if you have a fourth grade humor type sens of humor, you may find it amusing.


The rest of us... listen for the 4th joke.  Then tune in next Friday to hear a new batch of Johnny U lame jokes.

Happy Weekend!

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