Johnny U comes in every Friday and tries to tell us a joke...or two.  Today's jokes were definitely horrible.  He walks into the studio and says "I have great jokes today!  You guys are going to laugh your butt off"!  Ummmm no.  That did not happen.

And to make matters worse for him... C. Willie Myles was in the studio this morning.  So, John thought that he would let Willie hear his jokes... more validation being that Willlie is a professional comedian.

You guessed it- those jokes fell flat with him too.  But, in case you missed it, you can hear John's Friday jokes here. You judge for yourself.

So, another Friday Lame Joke Day has come and gone.  And Johnny has gotten no better at it.


He will be back again next Friday. So, until then... tell some better jokes than John.  HA!

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