Every Friday around 7:35 on the Loon Morning Show, Johnny Umf attempts to tell a joke or two. Johnny is an aspiring comedian, in fact he's been aspiring for about 40 years. Luckily for Johnny, he has a day job but that won't stop him from spreading what he calls humor on our morning show. Johnny has been attempting jokes on the morning show for roughly 2 years. Once, that''s right once, he actually made us laugh. it's not his delivery or even a lack of a sense of humor. It usually boils down to a sucky joke. So, my point is that Johnny Umf could use some help in the comedic material department. If you have a good joke that is actually funny, I'm sure Johnny would appreciate all the help he can get. Just jot down your best joke in an email and send it to baxter@1037theloon.com and we'll pass it on to Johnny Umf and just hope for the best.

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