We should all be thankful that Johnny has a day job, especially Johnny. His chances of landing a career as a comedian are as slim as they get.

Recently, we added a laugh track after reading that laugh tracks actually make the joke subconsciously sound funnier. Not even that seemed to have much affect.

I hate to be the guy that steps on anyone's dreams but do we let this guy continue to drive good jokes into the ground?  I don't know. At any rate, Johnny is still a fairly young guy and has plenty of time to improve, but it's going to take some work.


We really don't know what else we can do but try and support Johnny's quest for comedy stardom. It's not like we are not trying. We got him a slick new intro for his "joke" segment and even an outro, but so far nothing has seemed to help.

Let's just leave it at, maybe next week..........Here's Johnny's latest attempt.

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