Close to 25 years ago, I was doing a morning show in Fargo, North Dakota and for some time we had a guest come on regularly.  His name was Jonny Lang and he was the lead singer in the band Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang.

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I say singer, because Jonny didn't play guitar at first. He must have been 14 or 15 at the time and my morning show partner and I would really give him a bad time. "Hey Jonny, what do you have the blues about, lose your locker combination", you know, stuff like that.

When my morning show partner, Dave Justus and I brought Jonny on stage for his very first time, he was just a kid in a big suit. Jonny was taught guitar by then Big Bang guitarist, Ted Larson.  From what I heard, Jonny was a very quick learner and the rest is history.

Jonny later moved to Minneapolis and played St Cloud several times over the years. Last time I saw him play was Moondance several years ago.

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Chances are you've seen and heard Jonny play back in the day at the Red Carpet and it could be some time before he plays a show again. Per doctor's orders, Jonny has cancelled all confirmed appearances.

Jonny has had some voice problems over the past year and things have not improved. He is holding out hope for a natural recovery in the future but all future plans are on hold until things improve.

If, per chance, you have tickets for a future show, all tickets will be refunded. We wish Jonny a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him take the stage again soon.

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