I remember first hearing about Jonny Lang when I was in college here at SCSU and he was "Kid Jonny Lang".  Played at the Red Carpet quite often.

2014 NAMM Show - Day 1
Getty Images for NAMM

Now, he's 37 and playing much bigger venues than the Red Carpet and probably making a lot more money too.  Not that it isn't cool to see anyone at the Carpet, but it's a stepping stone to the "bigs".  Jonny comes from a musical family, and his sister is also in a band that is probably familiar to most in the area- "Brat Pack Radio".

The weekend after Labor Day Jonny Lang will be playing the Wayzata Beach Bash.  To be honest with you, I had no idea there was a beach any where near Wayzata, but there's a beach bash there.  Lasts for a couple of days and looks to be pretty entertaining.

Jonny Lang has come a long way from "Kid Jonny Lang" and this show should be worth the short trip to Wayzata September 7th.

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