July 4th is right around the proverbial corner and that means fireworks. The fact that they are mostly illegal in Minnesota, that doesn't seem to stop fireworks nuts from blowing stuff up.

Granted we all enjoy a good fireworks show. St Cloud Rox put on some great ones and the one at Hester Park every year is really good. My main complaint is how it affects my dog, Astro. he was never afraid of them until our neighbor at the lake lit of an aerial bomb. Aerial bombs are the one that shoot straight up in the air with a huge boom . Scared Astro right under the bed and he wasn't coming out until he deemed it safe to do so.

And yeah, I know it's the 4th of July and people are going to do fireworks, law or no law. It's just when they are still going off in August. One year, well into August, a neighbor set of some loud stuff, so I made a suggestion. I told him most would appreciate it if, just to muffle the sound a bit, if he would maybe shove the firecracker up his butt before lighting it.

I don't mean to get all negative about fireworks, if fact if I didn't have a dog that was scared to death of the noise, I'd probably be fine with them  Enjoy your 4th and be considerate,. I guess that's all I can ask.


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