I swear Winter is made up of microwave minutes and Summer is snooze alarm minutes.

Hot Summer Weather Continues In Germany
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Summer is two thirds over already.  Seems like after the 4th of July, the rest of the Summer just slides away.

Maybe it goes by so fast because we are all so busy with a million things Summer brings. Days at the lake, all the music festivals like Moondance and Rockin' the Prairie, We Fest. And let's not forget Summertime by George. Of course, there's always a family reunion or class reunion to attend.

Don't get me wrong. I do like Spring and Fall but Winter, well, I'm just not a Winter guy anymore. I spent too much time in warmer climates over the years and I can't prove my theory but I think if you are away from frigid weather for a long time, your blood thins out and you never get used to the cold again.

When I lived in warmer places, friends back home would ask "Don't you miss the change of seasons?"  Nope, just nope.

Enjoy what's left of Summer weather and then we'll wait for the next round.

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