Every Thursday morning, Up and Slightly Adam stops by the Loon studio and gives us the lowdown on the week's new movie releases. Special note: Adam forgot to bring donuts this morning, just sayin'.

movie theater date

I suppose the big, big release this week is "Mission Impossible" with, of course, Tom Cruise. Tom is on this kick now of doing all his own stunts. Actually broke his leg doing a stunt in this movie. He also does a stunt hanging from a helicopter. The guy must be nuts but I guess once you've had Dana Delaney and Nicole Kidman, what's left to live for. I remember when the biggest stunt Tom Cruise did was standing on a box to kiss a much taller costar.

Next up, "Teen Titans Go to the Movies" I think I might like this one.  Mostly because it pokes fun at superhero movies.

And finally, "The Spy Who Dumped Me"  with Mila Kunis.  Thant right there is worth the ticket price. There will be a sneak preview tomorrow (Friday) at 7 PM.


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