I am currently in the middle of my two weeks of jury duty. After talking to different people who were also summoned yesterday I found out many of them see it as a huge inconvenience, wishing they could do something to get out of it. Then I came across this story...apparently even being dead isn't a good enough excuse to be dismissed from your civil duties.

MSNBC reports that a man from Massachusetts was facing a criminal complaint for failing to show up for jury duty.

It all started five years ago when Michael Wylie was sent a summons to serve on a jury. At that time he was alive, but had terminal cancer and was in hospice care.  A few months later he passed away, but he kept receiving letters about his failure to show up.

Now five years later the state has finally decided to excuse him.

I don't mind jury duty, I think it can be interesting, but seriously,  if I'm dead... I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume it is going to be difficult to charge me with failure to show up for  jury duty.

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