Yes- there are some diseased deer, and it seems to have come from some lovely annoying gnats.  But here is the thing... the disease doesn't seem to affect humans.  But honestly, I'm not sure I would take that chance.  Yuck.


The disease is called Epizootic Hemorragic Disease or EHD, and the first cases have been confirmed in Goodhue county, which is in Southern Minnesota.  The disease was found in six white tailed deer that died while held in captivity.  There is a seventh buck that is showing no signs of the disease.  Experts say that while this is the first detection of the disease, it is widespread throughout North America.  Even though gnats cannot travel that far on their own, it seems that they can when they have infected other animals, and that is why it's concerning.

The deer that have died have died within about 36 hours.  What's worse is that there is no known treatment or vaccine.  The information on this has come from the Minnesota DNR.


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