Just in time for New Year's Eve.  It's a hangover cure, but apparently it's one that really works.  It's none of the weird egg in the glass with some tomato juice and some other thing that sounds completely disgusting.  This time it's actually something that will most likely taste good and supposedly works awesome! 


You know how you hear about people buying pedialyte- like the kids drink?  Well, this is for adults. But it is basically Pedialyte for adults.  And they are in packets, so have packet, will travel.  Throw that in your purse, or in a pocket and use it when you need it.  Problem solved!


I was thinking, however, that it might be a lot easier to just chug a bottle of water with some aspirin before bed.. or some gatorade and that will do the trick as well.  I mean, it's a hangover, it's self-induced.  Maybe you should be reminded of what happened last night.  Or, just let it fly and take of yourself this way.

Either way- designate a D or call an UBER.  Happy New Year!