When you think of a vacation at a luxury hotel, I'm sure one of the last things you would think of is Taco Bell. Well start thinking about it because Taco Bell just announced that their opening a luxury hotel. It will be called The Bell and it will open August 9th in Palm Springs, California for a limited time...meaning it's a pop-up hotel.

Now you might be asking, what can I expect at The Bell? For starters, Taco Bell food of course. But they'll also have test items you can't get elsewhere. They'll have a gift shop and a salon so you can get your hair and nails done that will be "Taco Bell inspired.

If you're that much of a Taco Bell fan and this sounds like a dream vacation to you, reservations open up next month and they could go fast. You can get on the email list and they'll let you know when you reservations open up at tacobell.com/the-bell-hotel.

Source: Thrillist



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