Well, this guy could be brilliant or a complete nut.  Seems to be a fine line between the two. Who would ever think there would be money to be made selling horse sh-t?

There is an artist named Coleman Larkin that does just that. He is selling jars of horse sh-t from the 1997 Kentucky Derby winner, Silver Charm and it'll only cost you $200 for a jar of this, dare I say, collector's item.

According to Larkin, each piece of crap is preserved using a "top secret process". He is very careful to keep it a secret to prevent others in the business to figure out his method. Larkin says the fresh turds have to be in good shape.


He makes it sound like there is a whole industry built around jarring up horse sh-t. Larkin claims it's actually a pretty profitable business that has already made him his first million.

Next time you see people shoveling horse poop at the Kentucky Derby, just keep in mind what these shovelfuls are worth.

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