One of the worst things about shopping online is when you have to return things.Stuff doesn't fit, etc. It's just a crap shoot when ordering anything that requires a size. Or for some reason or another, you just no longer have a use for what you ordered.

Re-pack the item, take it to the post office. It all turns into a hassle.

Starting this July, you will be able to do your returns to Amazon through Kohl's. That's right, Amazon has teamed up with Kohl's to handle Amazon returns.

It's pretty simple, when you decide to return something to Amazon, just go to, indicate the item you are returning and when it prompts you with "How will you mail your return", just choose "Kohl's Dropoff".


Then just bring your item to Kohl's where they will have a separate line at Customer Service, just for Amazon returns.  No packaging, box or label needed.  Kohl's will take care of all that stuff and ship your item back to Amazon free. Just show them the return shipping code on your smartphone.

Another bonus using Kohl's for your return is your refund will be processed faster..

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