Most Fridays, except the winter months, I travel up Highway 10 to the Detroit lakes area for the weekend. I usually make a pit stop at the Wadena McDonalds to grab a bite to eat before I finish my trek to the lake cabin.

Last Friday, I opted to order inside instead of waiting in the long drive thru lines. It gave me a chance to stretch my legs and get my food quicker than going though the drive thru.

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Once inside, I was told that I need to place my order using the new touchscreen ordering system.  Confused by the whole thing at first, I finally caught on but it turned out to be not such a time saver.

Behind me was an elderly lady, I'm guessing early 80's, having trouble placing her order. I told her that as soon as I was finished ordering I would help her.  As we attempted to place her order, she made a selection and touched the proper prompt on the screen and nothing happened. This had her very confused as to what she may have done wrong.

I assured her that she was doing exactly what she should be and reached over and touched the prompt myself. Bingo, it worked.  She then continued onto the next part of her order and then attempted to hit the prompt again.  Nothing. I touched the screen and once again it worked.

She looked me straight in the eye, and half kidding, asked "Am I dead?".  I assured her that she was alive and well and that maybe her fingers were cold, making the touchscreen unresponsive.

Just then her husband, who had been outside walking the dog, came in and inquired as to what was going on.  His wife just replied "I think I'm dead"

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