Another Lame Joke Friday... and here we go!

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw via
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw via

Johnny U stopped in this morning to let us know that he had some "really good contenders" this week, as he was trying to make up for last week's absence.  I knew this was too good to be true. He even brought in 3 jokes instead of the usual 2 that he does.  So, ya know... if you have one that totally bombs, you at least have 2 more for a back up.

And the subjects are: Girl Trouble for number one. Bartender is a  shrink for number two and finally Golf Cheat for number 3.   Here's  how it went down:

Ok. I don't know about you, but I don't see this as redemption.  This just seems like a regular, run of the mill, Lame Joke Friday only super-sized.  He had an extra lame joke.  Maybe Baxter and I aren't getting Johnny  U humor.  That is entirely possible.  We just don't get his brand of humor. How can anyone be this lame at telling jokes for this long?  That has got to be the answer.

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Backward Humor.

I'm just calling it that now.  Maybe we should change the name of Lame Joke Friday to Johnny U's Backward Humor.  It honestly might make more sense.  Thoughts?

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