I rational person would just assume that after doing something for years, one would actually get better at it and perhaps, even excel. Nope, not the case with aspiring comedian (term used loosely) Johnny Umf.

I must admit, that after adding a laugh track, sometimes the jokes even seem kind of funny, "kind of" being the operative phrase here.  Thank God we are in a studio and away from the general public, or we'd be dodging rotten fruit and/or beer bottles.


One might wonder why we even continue down this dead end road?  Well, truth be told, Johnny brings me a Sausage and Egg McMuffin every Friday and frankly, I just don't want to give up that perk..

So, judge for yourself. The first joke is a blonde joke, no offense to blondes and the second "joke" is a golf joke. When golf season comes to an end, I'm guessing, we will move into Winter and hunting jokes.  Stay tuned.

Feel free to offer you own critique on Johnny's jokes. Listen below.

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