It was Friday... again.  Happens once a week.  Johnny U comes in and delivers his "these are great this week" joke.  He says that every week.

Johnny U 5-24-19

It's never true.

This week he brought two jokes again this week. It's been a pattern for a little over a year now.  But no golf jokes yet. Gotta be honest, I'm kind of surprised at that.  Golf is one of the activities that you can actually do right now during this quarantine, so you'd think he would be embracing that fact.

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Nope- we got two junkertons.  The first one he did admit that it was pretty bad.  It was really short too... got to the bad quickly. That was good.  Then comes along the second joke.  I seriously thought we could have gone out to lunch, or breakfast as the case may be, and he would have still been delivering this crappy joke.

check it out...

HOLY BALLS!  See what I mean?  Good grief Johnny!  If you had been in front of an actual audience, not just Baxter and I, and we're stuck, you might have cleared the room!

Anyway, I had kind of forgotten what the whole thing was about by the time we got to the end of the second one.

Maybe we should take some suggestions?  Send in some jokes and maybe he'll tell one or more of them on the air for Lame Joke Friday.

Until next time...

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