We were all doing so well. Navigating the highways and byways of Minnesota driving the way we all should be. By that I mean not hanging out in the left lane for no apparent reason.

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Every weekend I am on the road and I must admit, this summer everyone seemed to be following the rules on using the left lane. It's really pretty simple. Left lane is for passing only.  Pass and get back in the righthand lane.

Well, that didn't last long. They are back!

It's like some drivers think "I'll just drive in the left lane, just because."   There can be 20 cars lined up behind them and they just keep cruising along at a lower rate of speed than those that just want to get around them.

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I used to get a little irritated and give them a dirty look when I got the opportunity to whiz by them on the right side. I found that if I just kept my eyes straight ahead and shook my head as I passed, 9 out of 10 times they would get back into the right lane after I passed.

I'm sure most all left lane cruisers just don't know the rule, left lane is for passing only. But, I'm sure, a very small percentage simply do it to be a jerk. They are the most infuriating.

This weekend I'll be back out on I-94 again and I'll see if there has been any improvement and let you all know. Thanks for letting me vent about this, once again.

Remember, don't be a loser, don't be a left lane cruiser.

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