Seems like no one really wants to rush the season, unless you are a store owner and you are hoping to get people in that holiday mood.  Santas everywhere, Christmas Trees everywhere, you see little ornaments, home decor and things of that nature.

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The rest of us let out a giant groan when we see this stuff and it's not even Halloween or October in some instances.  But there might be some wisdom in doing that stuff now... 


Shorter lines.  Less chaotic shopping and dealing with crazy people.  Also, you can spend a little more time thinking about what you would like to purchase for your intended recipient.  You won't have to deal with people pushing and reaching for stuff you are also looking to buy.  Maybe you'll have more cash now than you would at the actual holidays.  Spread out the shopping a bit, save your pocketbook.  And if you think you are missing out on the holiday deals, you probably aren't.  You tend to buy more if the deal is good, then you just spend more and maybe not on things that you should be buying.


There is one drawback.  Stores aren't as apt to accept a return at other times of the year like they are at the holidays.  So, maybe don't buy the gift unless you are sure that the person you are buying for will love it.

Happy Hallowthanksmas!!  I just made that up.