I have seen this post, and I'm sure a lot of you have.  The one where we are supposed to post a graduation picture of ourselves, no matter what year you graduated in honor of the 2020 graduates who won't be able to have their traditional graduation ceremonies.

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I don't get it.  Why would we do that?  How is that honoring the graduates of THIS year?  So, I am making this plea... post a graduation picture of a 2020 graduate that you know that will be missing their ceremony.  I think that would be a great way to honor this year's graduates.

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This is such a tough year for many people in a lot of different ways.  But I cannot imagine what it would be like to have this happen in a big year like graduation.  Missing the ceremony,  their friends, sports, and any number of things that happen your senior year.

So, let's do that.. honor this year's graduates with a picture of THEM- not us.


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