I just heard the Great River Regional Library in St Cloud is offering you a clean slate to those that have past due fines on library books.


It happens to everyone. You check out a book and for some reason or another it slips your mind to return it. maybe, you moves and your library books got packed away and forgotten. Then you run across them one day and "crap, I forgot to return these.

Maybe you've avoided going to the library because of the fines you've accumulated. Well, you may be in luck. September 15th through the 22nd, you can bring you delinquent butt and  overdue books into the library and there is a good chance your fines may be forgiven..

There you go, a clean slate. No more looking over your shoulder or suffering from that annoying guilt stuff. Just bring in the books and see if you qualify for their fine forgiveness.

You must go in person to the library. No phone calls.

Also next week they ore celebrating the tenth anniversary of the new library building. Many festivities and prizes to win.

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