You may ask yourself, "What do I have to do to be one of those savvy social media users?".  Perhaps, post some interesting educational stuff, or trendy thing people will really enjoy.  Well, it turns out that licking a toilet seat and videoing it will do the trick.

This girl's parents must be extremely proud of their daughter. I bet they can't wait to show all their friends the video of their precious daughter licking the toilet seat in an airplane bathroom.

When I was a kid you could blame stupid things on lead paint or your mom belting down cocktails while pregnant. I don't think this girl can use either of those excuses.

I guess, it could have been worse. Airplane toilets are usually fairly clean compared to like a men's room toilet in a bar on a Saturday night.


Check out the video, which believe it or not, has over 5 million views so far. This girl is even getting business inquiries. She is tanking people on Twitter for watching the video. "Hi entire world, I'm glad you liked the video of me going down on a toilet".

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