Today is Friday, which means we get to have Johnny U come in and grace us with his presence and another (probably) horrible joke.

He got here extra early today and brought us some breakfast sandwiches. As nice as this was to do- and we really do appreciate it, Baxter and I both felt as though the jokes must be extra horrible as this seemed like a bribe.  A bribe to laugh and/or not say that his joke(s) will go into the "lame joke" category.

So, what do you think?  Lame joke?  Good joke?  There were two, so  again, two more times that he can impress or disappoint.  I still think the breakfast sandwiches were a bribe,  Not so sure that it worked, but we are always more than happy to accept free food.  Especially breakfast.

So, happy weekend!  We will wait with heavy anticipation for next Friday and another collection of Johnny U's lame jokes.  Maybe next week he'll bring in waffles.

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