Each summer, for the last 24 seasons, there have been 16 people that have volunteered to live with absolutely no privacy for a possible total of 3 months.

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This reality show is called Big Brother, and that's exactly what it is, Big Brother is always watching, and if you are chosen to be a houseguest on this reality show, that is what you are signing up for. The reality is that for most of these people, that journey will be much shorter than the 3 months, but there will be a handful of people who will make it that far.

This season, season 24 of Big Brother, there is a good possibility that one or more of these contestants, or houseguests, will be from Minnesota, or at least the surrounding area.

There was a castng call on Saturday at Allianz Field.  The people who showed up had one minute to sell themselves to the producers of Big Brother.  One minute is not very much time at all.  Apparently they are looking for people who are authentic and good story tellers.

"What's something about you that people would not assume just by looking at you?"

How would you answer that question?  That was one of the tips on the casting tip sheet that was handed out to the people auditioning.

There were quite a few people who auditioned from the area, but there is no guarantee that anyone from this audition site will be chosen.  We will have to wait and see who the actual cast is when it's announced later this year.  Usually they will announce the cast about a week prior to the beginning of the show.
Would you do this?  If you make it to the end, the grand prize is $750,000.  Might be worth a go.

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