It’s not a secret at this point – I love Mexican food. Is it my favorite? Not quite. I prefer sea food over everything else, but man, it’s pretty hard to beat a nice, greasy burrito. When I first moved to St. Cloud about a year ago, I literally gained fifteen pounds in two months.

And honestly, I would wager that most of that weight gain was probably from eating Mexican food. If you’re familiar with the St. Cloud area, you know first hand that there’s no shortage of Mexican restaurants here. Today dear reader, we’re going to be taking a look at all of them. And - here we go.

Mexican Village Downtown
Giliberto's Mexican Taco Shop
Bravo Burritos
La Casita Restaurant
El Loro Mexican Restaurant
Taqueria La Campechana
QDOBA Mexican Eats
Fiesta Taco
Chipotle Mexican Grill
El Torito Mexican Market
Taco John's
Taco Bell
Now, personally, I've only eaten at Bravo Burritos, El Loros, and the all mighty - Taco Bell, but sooner or later I will eat at all of these establishments. El Loros definitely has some killer margaritas. I had a couple with my meal (a foot long burrito smothered in queso cheese) about a month ago.
I'd definitely recommend it to fans the Mexican experience. Maybe one weekend I can go on a Mexican restaurant tour around St. Cloud. I don't think I could typically handle that much food, but I'd do anything for a greasy, fattening burrito, so I could probably make it happen.

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