Yep, parenting at it's best.  This guy should be a candidate for father of the year for sure!!  He wants to somehow take this arcade for its prizes and/or money.  It's ridiculous.  Look at this....

How rotten of a parent do you need to be to do something like this?  I do remember my dad taking my brother at one time and asking him to basically break into a house through the window and let the rest of us in.  Here is the difference... it was my Aunt's house, we were staying there and she forgot to leave a key to get in.  The window was already open and he was the only one small enough at the time to fit into the window.  I remember thinking "uh-oh!  Someone is going to catch us doing something wrong" even though it was really ok in that instance.  What is this guy teaching his child?  He is definitely old enough to understand what the deal is here, and that you shouldn't be doing that.

Juvenile delinquent in the making.... unfortunately.  Let's all pray for the poor kid.

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