The COVID 19 coronavirus denied us a lot of things in 2020. Whether it's going out to eat or going to sporting events. It also prevented us from going to see live music. Not only did the venues suffer because of it, but so did the bands themselves.

The good news is, live music has slowly begun to trickle back into our world. And venues are starting to have outdoor, socially-distant, concerts.

Here's some live music you can check out over the next couple of weeks:

Chase and Ovation: A Salute to the Musical World of Prince
September 19th
Le Musique Room - St. Michael

The Fabulous Armadillos Present: "What’s Going On?"
September 24th
Le Musique Room - St. Michael

September 24th
The Boulder Tap House - St. Cloud

Foreigner Tribute: Head Games
September 25th
Le Musique Room - St. Michael

Deuces Wild Dueling Pianos
October 2nd
River City Extreme - Monticello


Photo: Tony Mazzone

Our good friend Tony Mazzone is a drummer for both Mall Rats and Mason Dixon Line bands. The latter will be performing during Oktoberfest next Thursday at Boulder Taphouse.

So I decided today to ask Tony what it’s like to be performing again after not playing for so long.

Photo: Matthew Breiter Photography

DB: Well Tony, it certainly has got to feel good to perform again and hitting those "skins" as you drummers call it.

TM: There have been so many great events canceled this summer, that when we have been able to perform a few live shows, the response is fantastic. The audiences are really starving for live entertainment.

DB: That’s interesting, but I’m not surprised at all to hear that about the audiences. They haven't been able to much of anything for so long.

TM: The interesting part and maybe one bonus is that with the few shows we have been able to perform, we have definitely felt a closer connection with the audience. We’re all in this together.”

DB: You mean closer emotionally, not physically. The six-foot rule, you know. How excited are guys to be playing for Oktoberfest?

TM: We are very excited for this end-of-summer live show! There’s going to be food, drinks and prizes. Oktoberfest events are always fun and this one is going to be a blast.”

Credit: Mason Dixon Line


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I love the "from the perspective of Tony Mazzone" photos.

If you want to see Tony and Mason Dixon Line perform at Oktoberfest, it’s happening this Thursday at Boulder TapHouse.


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