I'm pretty sure this stuff has been going on for a long, long time. I've heard my share of stories from women being sexually harassed by their landlord or property manager. Evidently, it's gotten worse during the pandemic, due to some tenants having financial difficulties.

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I worked with a women in Texas that had to move after her landlord told her he would let the rent slide for the month in exchange for sexual favors. She was so freaked out she packed up and moved in the middle of the night. Very creepy!

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There has been a lawsuit filed against 4 individuals and two companies that own and manage rental properties in the Cities and surrounding areas. The suit was filed by US Attorney for Minnesota, Erica McDonald.

The suit claims Reese Pfeiffer, one of the owners, created a "sexually hostile housing environment" by harassing multiple female tenants.

Pfeiffer, while acting as property manager, allegedly made unwelcome comments about female tenants bodies, engaged in unwanted touching, inquired about their relationship status ,made sexual advances and talked about sexual topics with female renters at his properties.

The lawsuit also charges that Pfeiffer entered the homes of victims attempting to collect rent to solicit sexual favors.

The civil case filed asks for damages for the victims, penalties against the plaintiffs and asks that the discrimination ends.


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