Today Johnny U came in again with his lame jokes that he always tells us are going to be totally awesome.  Like he says this every week. They never are.  Although many times we have hope as he does try out some jokes on us during the week just to see if they may work.  Like trying out new material.  The jokes that he has during the week are usually a lot better than the jokes that he winds up telling  on Friday mornings.


He always thinks that his jokes that  he tells during the week are too risque.  NOPE!  Tell those!

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This week, may have been one of those  weeks.  Johnny U came in this morning, like usual.  He said he had 2 jokes.  Like usual.  The first one was an Ole and Sven joke.  It was short and sweet. The second joke was a poem reading.  The reading wasn't supposed to be dirty... but it may have turned out that way.

Give it a listen...

Ok.  Maybe this comedian opportunity might turn into something.  As long as he doesn't keep laughing at his own jokes.  He has a hard time with that, but sometimes he's the only one laughing , so there's that.

Until next week...

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