Here it is, Friday again. Time for some Lame Jokes from Johnny U!  He was a little later than normal getting here to tell his jokes.  AND we were going into this one blind.  He usually tries at least one of them out on us earlier... but not today.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

He says that he spent at least a half of a day trying to find jokes for this morning's edition of Lame Joke Friday.  So, of course since it took him all of this time to come up with something... these are going to be great, right?  Well, maybe not great, but at least good-ish.

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He has two jokes again.  The first one has to deal with a Golden Bar... you'll see.  And the second one has to deal with golf.  But golf from both the mens and the ladies tees.  And what that actually means?  You have to give it a look-see.

THAT's what we get for a half day of "trying to find some jokes"??  Well, maybe don't work so hard the next time.  Maybe?

If you are interested in hearing the next batch of Lame Jokes for Lame Joke Friday, tune in next Friday right around 7:35am. Right after Dave Overlund's sports update.  Then we bring on Johnny U- and his "jokes".  I use that term loosely, by the way.

(and what is up with that sort-of Hawaiian shirt?)

Until next week- CHEERS!

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