If you listen to the Loon Morning Show, you know I am against messing with food. It seems there is this push to make things weirder and weirder. There used to be M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms. Now they've bastardized those with every kind of M&M you can imagine. Same goes for breakfast cereal. The original was good, why do we need twenty five different flavors of Cheerios?  Frito, a great corn chip and now you have to look hard to find the original, just plain Frito chips. Anyway, this morning I was reading about Red Lobster attempting to out do the "Chicken and Waffle" craze. you're gonna love this...Lobster and Waffles!  That's right, lobster and waffles. Deep fried lobster served with waffles made from Red Lobster's famous biscuit recipe and syrup to pour over the whole mess. It is available at Red Lobster starting today for a limited time. It isn't cheap. Right around twenty bucks depending on what market you live in..

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