A couple from St. Cloud got engaged at the Great Minnesota Get Together and the best part is that it was all caught on tape!

Among the twirling rides, beeping games, carnival barkers, cheese curds, pronto pups, corn dogs, deep fried fill in the blank and anything you can think of to put on a stick, Dwayne Shanke decided that the Minnesota State Fair was the perfect place to put a ring on his girlfriend, Anna Marie Larson’s finger.

Dwayne went to great lengths to make sure that the Great Minnesota Get Together proposal went as smooth as the Dole Whip flowing out of the soft serve machines. He asked his three sisters to stand at a certain spot along the route that the sky ride takes, to hold up a sign saying, “Will you marry our brother?” It almost didn’t happen, however due to the fact that cell phone service was not available to coordinate positions and timing.

Everything did fall together about 20 minutes before they boarded the sky ride and with ride tickets in hand and the ring in his pocket, they hopped in the gondola. As they glided past the grandstand, there stood his three sisters on the bridge holding the signs asking if she would marry their brother.

She of course said yes. The coupld is planning a spring wedding. The Minnsota State Fair was their first date one year ago. Watch how it all came together:

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