As the Rolling Stones celebrated 50 years together as a band, did you ever wonder what it was like behind the scenes? Well, you're about to find out. 

The brand new Rolling Stones documentary called Crossfire Hurricane is headed to a TV near you this fall.

The Bret Morgan directed project will be much more than just a concert DVD and history lesson. The story will follow everything that the Stones did from their humble beginnings in the UK to rock super stars and won't leave anything out when it comes to highlighting their hey days in the 1970's. It will also feature commentary from Mick Jagger himself as well as Keith, Charlie and Ronnie, but they didn't want to leave anything out, so Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor are also included.

This is not the first film project of 2012 for the Rolling Stones. Their other film, which spotlights a concert they played in Ireland in 1965 called Charlie is my Darling is making its debut at the New York Film Festival next month. The box set of the film will be made available for fans in time for Christmas as that hits store shelves on November 6.

Crossfire Hurricane will document 50 years of ups, downs and everything in between and will be shown on HBO November 17.

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