Personally, I’ve always been enamored by Native American culture. Particularly the ritualistic aspect of native American life, where they would perform in drum circles, engage in dances and recite chants to induce various forms of spiritual trances.

Although you probably couldn’t tell by my pale white skin and blue eyes, I'm actually an eighth Native American, which would probably explain my fascination with their culture. My dad has actually collected quite a few Native American artifacts from our family farm over the course of his life, including several arrow heads.

Though I’m unsure if any of them actually belonged to our family members, it’s still a pretty cool collection to have. One of my favorite native traditions is the “Powwow.” Powwows are social gatherings held by many different Native American communities where people come together to dance, sing, and socialize.

I’ve always wanted to attend one but have never had the opportunity to until now. The 25th Annual Spring Powwow will be taking place at Apollo High School on April 14th  from noon to 8:30 p.m. It’s presented by The American Indian Center and will include all of the traditional aspects of a powwow along with hand drumming and other activities as well. Not to mention, admission is free.

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