While in the gym locker room the other day, I experienced a couple things that need to stop inside the locker rooms. They deal with being nude, and nobody is OK with it!

I do understand that you are going to have to get naked at some point in the locker room. Taking a shower, or changing into different clothes requires nudity, and I get that. When you take it over the top, that's where things need to stop.

We all know this happens with both men's and women's locker rooms - the super-nudist who doesn't care they don't look good naked. Those are the ones who strip down as soon as they step a foot into the locker room, and stay naked until they've walked every square inch of the room. Every single time, it's that person who's older and needs to do a little 'lower chassis maintenance' if you catch my drift!

Here's what needs to stop happening with all that...

Naked conversations in the center of the room
This always happens right in the center of the room where people are constantly having to walk around you, or squeeze by. There's "that guy" who's overweight, hairy, and naked...talking to somebody fully clothed who's still in their street clothes.

Combing your hair at the counter while naked
This takes place multiple times a day and is just wrong. There's no reason you can't at least put on some pants before leaning up against the counter for 20 minutes while combing your hair. I kid you not, a guy was actually resting his junk on the counter while shaving.

Using the toilet while naked and dripping wet
There's always a wet puddle on the floor around the urinals and toilets, due to naked people who get out of the water just to go to the bathroom. How about you go before you get in the pool, hot tub, shower, or sauna! What really grosses me out is they will go to the bathroom while barefoot, then track that filth all over the locker room, and sometimes back into the place they came from. Yuck!

I know this happens in both gender's locker rooms, and there's a few of these types of people at nearly every gym. Why there are these people, I don't know, but it's time we speak up and stop this insanity. Enough is enough...

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