ST. CLOUD -- If your New Year's Resolution is to get in shape, there's a new gym in St. Cloud ready to help reach your goals.

The Hybrid Farm St. Cloud is a combination of group training classes and personal training.

Co-Owner and Head Coach Ryan Avery says he began teaching Crossfit but realized many athletes were getting more out of that one-on-one training experience.

"We first tested it out at our gym in Wisconsin and perfected it there. Now coming to St. Cloud, the Hybrid Farm will be offering a completely individually designed fitness experience as one of the first OPEX affiliates of the world," says Avery.

Avery says along with an individual training program, athletes are also coached in nutrition, structure and accountability in fun atmosphere.

"There are set times each month where you will sit down with your coach and talk about nutrition and what your program is going to look like, based on designing a program just for you," says Avery.

Classes will start around 5:30 a.m. and will have about 8-10 people per class.

The Hybrid Farm is located at 101 Osseo Avenue, and is expected to open on January 30th.