Minnesotan's are waking to up to hilarious pranks lately, but of a different kind. Frozen pants standing on the snow is the latest trend in Minnesota.

It started in the Twin Cities during the sub-zero temps last week, and it's made nation-wide news. Pranksters are soaking pants in water, stuffing them to form a human shape from the waist down, then freezing them outside overnight. These frozen pants figures are showing up all over the place now in the yards of unsuspecting home owners.

Unlike getting your house egged, or TP'd (toilet paper in your trees), this is actually pretty funny and harmless as a prank...something I'd totally laugh at if it happened to me. So who's the 1st to make headlines with this in the St. Cloud area?  All I ask if it DOES happen to me is to leave a few pants size 32/34 in the yard so I can enjoy the prank for years ahead ;)

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