I hate to complain about Winter, Actually that is a total lie. Bitching about the cold weather is part of what gets me through what I call The Wasted Months. Well, after a couple of weeks of sub zero temps, it looks like we will return to a more palatable set of temps next week.

Freezing Temperature Hit Germany
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Looks like Spring may be on the way but I find it difficult to take anything for granted anymore since the pandemic. Actually, starting this weekend, things should start to warm up and by Monday we should be in the low 40's.  You know it's been cold when you think of 40 degrees as downright balmy.

I don't actually hate Winter but it does consistently show up dead last on my list of favorite seasons. I tend to daydream about warmer temps or my days living by the beach in Southern California.

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I used to start out my day with a cup of coffee I'd carry down to the boardwalk and sit on the wall and watch the waves come in. An excellent way to start the day, right?

I guess, I'd better get my star spangled g-string Speedo laundered and ready for the 4th of July. It may be a repulsive image but it keeps people from bothering me while I enjoy the beach.

We can only hope that we can all be vaccinated and things slowly get back to somewhat normal. This last year has totally sucked, so just the thought of warmer temps gives me a tingly feeling all over, not to be confused with a shivering feeling.

So, looks like no more sub zero temps and low 20's on Saturday, mid 30's on Sunday and low to mid 40's Monday and Tuesday of next week.

I am currently in something else to complain about, any suggestions.

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