As heard on the March 12th show:


 1. Guy Rolls In Dog Poo To Avoid Arrest

Or, at least that was his plan.  A drunk man jumped in front of traffic to avoid a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk (how big was this poo????) and caught the attention of police officers.  When they questioned the man, he tried to justify his actions blaming the poop, not drinking for jumping in the street.  Once he realized they weren't buying it, plan B kicked in - roll in poop, maybe they won't arrest me.  It didn't pan out quite the way he was thinking.






2. Woman Selling House And Then Some

Throwing yourself back into the dating game can be tough, especially as you get older.  The pool thins, the fish aren't as fun and flirty as they used to be, so maybe this woman's idea isn't that crazy.  A 40-year-old in Indonesia is selling her home for $75,000, but there's a catch.  She comes with it as your wife.  That's one way to snag a mate.






3. The BM Bandit Streaks Again

A weird and childish prank has had police in Akron, Ohio stumped for years.  Some resident has been leaving dumps on parked cars at people's homes.  Best part about this story is the nickname the local news have given the mystery deuce dropper - the BM Bandit.  We came up with a few options of our own.






4. Dumbing It Down

Special guest C Willi Myles joins the Loon Morning Show and makes some pretty spot on observations about the studio and the two morons at the helm.  His final show at Paramount Theater is coming up March 28th.  Don't wait to get your tickets or you'll be S.O.L.




5. Is It Sexist?

Comedian C Willi Myles helps us debate if chivalry is really dead.  Opening doors for women, giving them your coat when they're cold, refusing to let her pay for dinner... is it being polite or is it sexist?  Plus, the gang reveals some pretty hilarious flashing stories.







 6. Initiating Sex and Sending Naked Selfies

Comedian C Willi Myles joins Jesse & Lucy for a pretty telling conversation about who pushes the buttons in the bedroom.  Is it the guy?  Does the girl make the first move?  Plus, naked selfies.  Whose sent them, whose received them and who gets down and dirty with face time?  Listen to get all the dirty details.