As heard on the February 11th show:


1. Sex Toy Injuries Rose After 50 Shades Released

According to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the number of emergency care visits for injuries involving sex toys has doubled since 2007 and the biggest numbers started popping up following the release of 50 Shades of Grey.  Even more interesting, more men were injured than women.





2. Dude Loses it at St. Paul McDonalds

The YouTube channel says this guy got fired, but who knows.  Maybe he quit.  Either way, he made one hell of an exit.  Also, just how high are the guys filming this?





 3.  Craziest Ways People Have Said "I Quit"

Who doesn't have a fantasy of telling the bossman exactly what you think of him before taking a dump on the floor of his office and walking out the door?  We've all wanted leave a job we hated in a blaze of glory, but most of us end up chickening out for the sake of a good reference.  The results of a survey of HR managers across the country revealed some pretty impressive manners in which some people have had the courage to quit, like the woman who baked a cake with her letter of resignation on it.





 4. Worst Gifts Ever

There are many ways to do Valentines Day, the following are not those ways.  Look, if you've been with someone for five years and you're spelling their name wrong on the cheap card you bought for them.  You're failing at your relationship.  Listen for other bad gift ideas.





5. Best Family Feud Answer EVER

Being on a game show can be stressful.  You're just trying to beat the other guy to the punch and sometimes words come flying out of your mouth before you realize what you just said.  We're guessing that's what happened here.





 6. Girl Gets Fired For Tweet Before She Even Starts

The internet is a public forum.  When you post something about someone, or some business, chances are they might find out.  That's exactly what happened to one teen who was about to start her job the next day at a Jet's pizza in Texas until she tweeted "Ew I start this f**k ass job tomorrow."  The guy who hired her saw the tweet and fired her on Twitter.






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