When I think of candy, I usually think of something like Ghiradelli (made in San Francisco) or Hershey (made in Pennsylvania). Those are usually my go-to for any sort of chocolate.  My weakness.

Pearsons Salted Nut Rolls
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But, there are some really delicious candies made right here in Minnesota.  And yes, there is chocolate.  And one of these candies made right here is a crowd favorite.  I'm talking about the Pearson's Nut Roll.  YUM!   How can you possibly go wrong with that thing?  Peanuts, caramel and some sort of nougat in the middle.  I'm sure it's some sort of sugar mixture, but it's really good and made right here in MN.  By the way, Pearson's also make the yummy Nut Goodie Bar, Bit-O-Honey, Mint  patties and Bun.  Seriously, something for everyone.

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Licorice fan?  Kenny's is located here in MN and also known for their many flavors of licorice and other gummy things.

Abdallah Chocolates.  See?  I told you there would be chocolate.  Located in Savage, Minnesota.  And they are kicking off the season with some delicious caramel apples!

The St. Croix Chocolate Company. Oh my!  I haven't been to this  shop, but it sounds wonderful, and I think it is now on my list of things to check out.  They have been closed for a bit due to COVID, but now have made some adjustments and are now reopened.  They are located just North of Stillwater.

Whatever you are celebrating, or if you just need a sweet little pick-me-up, the  variety of candy shops in Minnesota will not disappoint.  And I do know that candy corn gets a bad rap every fall/Halloween season.  But... I'm telling you... mix that with some dry roasted peanuts and you have a make-shift nut roll. Might not be Pearsons, but it will do it in a pinch. Still best to get the original, however.

Happy sweetness!

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