There are people who consider Halloween to be their favorite holiday. There are also people who wish the day never existed.  And of course, there are people in between. I would be one of those people.  I don't really care one way or another.  I feel like Halloween is mostly for kids.

But anyway, if you have kids that love Halloween or if you are just a big kid who loves Halloween, there are activities for everyone all month long at the Mall of America. You get to pick and choose what's right for you - adult Halloween fun, or kid Halloween fun.

First, there is the new American Monsters "Onionhead's Revenge.  Definitely for adults.

 The immersive haunted house features themed bar areas and merchandise and is billed as a "story-driven haunted experience" based on folklore from Louisiana

You can find out more about this attraction here - and purchase tickets.  You also need to reserve your time for this attraction.  So, planning ahead is best.

Nickelodeon Booniverse - this is great for families and kids.  There are select nights throughout October for this event.  They are Glow in the Dark Halloween Nights.  These nights also include an unlimited ride wrist band.  There are two weekends for this - this upcoming weekend, October 20-21 and also next weekend October 27-28.  So, actually Fridays and Saturdays.  This weekend is MEA, so it will probably be busy.  Just keep that in mind.

To add to the fun this weekend are visits from the RAD Zoo. And next weekend will be pumpkin carvers.  Get all of the information you need on the MOA website.  

The Glow in the Dark nights also include some fun things that don't involve the rides such as face painting, crazy hairdos, a slime station and a fun/crazy DJ.  While supplies last, you can also get a treat bag and a cool T-shirt.

Celebrate Halloween at the Mall of America before the actual holiday.  Then you can go Trick or Treating on actual Halloween.  Lots of fun for the rest of the month.

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