Warmer weather is coming, I promise it is.  And with that comes smaller clothes.  I mean the type of clothes that you wear that are suitable to summer are more revealing and less coverage.  So... might wanna get into some better shape.

If you like to go out and have a few adult beverages here and there, let's be honest.  Drinking any alcohol isn't beneficial to any sort of diet.  BUT there are some that are  better choices than others.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

That brings me to this... what are good choices for a low carb diet?  There are actually some choices in every area that you would like.  Whether it's beer, wine or regular liquor.  I was actually surprised at the amount of choices there are.  But where you can get into some problems is whatever you are mixing with it.  Like soda...  You'd actually almost be better off drinking it straight on the rocks.  But wow- watch out for that.


Anyway- cheers to warmer weather... eventually.