According to Fox 6 News in Milwaukee, the person making headlines in Wisconsin for pooping in a park the past few years is a high school English teacher from Whitewater, Wisconsin.

You have to wonder what drives a person to do something crazy like this. Jeffery Churchwell, had been pooping in a public park on or around a building for the last 3 years. Report says sometimes five times a week or on a really ambitious period, several times a day.


Churchwell offered offered no reason why he was pooping in the park, as if there would be a good one. He was fined $365 and must pay the Public Works Dept. $6000 in restitution, since they were responsible for picking up after the "Mad Park Pooper". Occasionally, they would have to pressure wash and repaint the building.

Churchwell's downfall was security camera footage of him pooping in the park and footage of his car and license plate.

Churchwell is set to retire this month and hopefully, find a new hobby.

(Fox 6 News)

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