We have been told that during our Stay-At-Home order we should also limit our trips to the grocery store.  And it has also been recommended that we shop for 2 weeks worth of groceries at one time, and by yourself.  Don't bring the family into the grocery store.  It just makes social distancing a bit more difficult when the aisles are more crowded.

But if you are shopping for 2 weeks in advance...how do you make sure your food will stay fresh for that period of time?  I found a few hacks.  Thank you to Stop Food Waste.

Also, remember that the freezer is your best friend.  If you would like things to last longer, just put them in a freezer safe container and freeze foods many times for up to a year.

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I like to do that with cookies.  Especially when I don't necessarily want to have all of these cookies laying around just waiting to be eaten.  Bake a batch of cookies, put them in a few freezer bags.  Then, when you want to bring out a few to enjoy, you don't have to eat them all.  And of course, they last longer.  Score!