As I've stated many times, the world just seems to be getting dumber every day. This guy is a perfect example of that.


So, this guy in Dublin who was suffering from chronic back pain took it upon himself to try and cure his problem. mind you, he did this totally on his own with no medical recommendation or any research, for that matter.


Once a month he would inject his own semen into his arm to try and relieve his chronic back pain. He simply ordered syringe online and proceeded with his hair brain idea. After a year and a half he noticed that his arm was swelling up. He probably thought at first that he had knocked up his own arm (sorry). It's possible he just had a case of "Popeye arm" from collecting his semen (sorry again).

Anyway, he showed up at the ER and doctors treated him for the swelling and unfortunately, his chronic back pain was still there.

Well, let's give him a hand for trying (sorry again).

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